Saturday, 4 July 2015

Pixel art and the Hi-res Low-res dilemma

I have been receiving a lot of feedback from past players of my games with regards to the Satay Club game. Most of them do not take a liking to the pixel art style graphics used extensively in the game.

I understand their concerns and I realize perhaps pixel art is not best suited for time-management games. Yes I acknowledge the fact that it can be quite difficult to make out what that particular thing on screen is when it looks super low resolution. "Is that a grenade or a ketupat?" LOL!

So I'm now working on getting some of the graphics to have a higher pixel density. It is still pixel art but the graphics look a lot more detailed. Have a look here:

Tell me what you think of this new graphics by reaching out to me on google hangout!

Friday, 3 July 2015


This competition is only for INTERNAL GROUP. #satayclub #cc

Deadline: Friday 10 July 23:59 hours

*Top 3 Highest Scores for level 18 from unique players will be selected.

*If in the event that all 3 scores are similar, the next criteria to be the decision factor will be the No. of Tries attempted for level 18.

*Submit your entries as instructed earlier today to:

   1) my Google+ page +Afzainizam Zahari
   2) my twitter page @afzainizam
   3) tag me on instagram @afzainizamzahari

*remember to include #satayclub #CC in your entries.

1) Only one entry per "ticket".
2) You can ask your friends or family members to help you out.

*check back to this post for updates on this competition. Good luck everyone!

P.S. any questions please comment on this post or tweet me or send a message via Google Hangout.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Remembering Pak Zubir Said in Satay Club Game

If you haven't read about his life then this short video clip from the TV documentary called "My Gradfather's Road" is worth watching. Thanks to Dr Joe Peters for saving it on his Youtube channel.

In my Satay Club game, I have added him as one of the customers in Satay Club. This decision is not a trivial one because he really did patronise the stalls there. In an oral interview done in 23 August1984, he talked about frequenting the Alhambra Theatre in the weekends with his 4 friends one of which was the late Yusof Ishak. After the movies they would eat at Satay Club and then stroll to the beach nearby.

Pak Zubir was a prolific music composer. Many of his songs were immortalised in the classic Malay films produced by Shaw Brothers as well as Cathay Keris.

I admire Pak Zubir, because he decided to leave everything behind in Indonesia to strike out on his own in Singapore. He literally came with almost nothing. The same way the character in my game Adi who longed to leave the countryside to do something more exciting. I think a lot of people who were migrants to Singapore shared the same traits. They were young, brave and willing to take the risk. Much can be learned from these people.

What I have learnt from these courageous men is that you cannot get too comfortable staying where you are. The only way to grow is to be out of your comfort zone.

Pak Zubir passed away in 1987. Three years after that interview was conducted. He was 80 years old.

Listen to him speak in this recording. Much thanks to National Archives of Singapore for keeping all these memorable treasures and making it available online.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wahid Satay

It would not be right if I do not mention Wahid Satay in any of my posts about my game Satay Club.  Abdul Wahid bin Haji Ahmad or better known as Wahid Satay was a very famous comedian in Singapore and Malaysia. You can of course read more about him on this wikipedia page. He was actually the first person I remembered about when I was developing Satay Club game.
Because of the game, I watched a whole lot of old Malay films to get a feel of that long gone era. I also had a hard time finding video clips of the old Alhambra Theatre but fortunately I happened to watched this very short segment in the 1958 film called "Satay" where Wahid Satay was with a boy named Satay driving down Singapore's Beach Road in a convertible. They then drove past the Alhambra Theatre. It wasn't a very good clip and the quality of the video was too dark and grainy.
The video clip that shows the Alhambra Theatre with the marquee lighting at night starts at the 36:12 minute mark.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Romance in Satay Club game

When I got a comment on instagram from a player who mentioned about the romance story inside my Satay Club game, it made me think a little bit more on this topic.

Yes, there is romance in it, but it is mostly story driven. Not player driven. You don't get to choose who you are romantically involved with. For the case of Adi in Satay Club game, he met Anita while busy working at his stall.

And then something happened that made Adi heart broken and confused and afraid.

And then as the story progresses, we find Adi able to mend his broken heart when he met the same lady who gave him some advice much earlier in the game. If you want to know the whole story of what happened, get a copy of the game and play!

Players however can't really decide for Adi whom he should be romantically be involved with in this game. But I think it would be interesting to create a game that is smart enough to let players decide their own romantic fate. I think the whole duration of a romantic relationship, from meeting someone to holding on to that relationship and maybe to the eventual end of that relationship for whatever reason is in itself sort of a game. This is something worth exploring.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Kopi Tiam Game idea sketches

I found this picture in my archive and I thought it would be interesting to post it here.

Here's a sketch of an idea how the play items inside Kopi Tiam Game works.

It is always fascinating to me to see local foods featured nicely in a game. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the game and shared my sentiment!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Adelphi Hotel Singapore

Now that I've got the mechanics for satay club done and the game's about to launch, I'm thinking of a game quite like it but not dealing with food. I thought about Raffles Hotel. That building is so old and is still around today. The rich history behind it, its walls have been privy to many conversations from past historical figures that have been there.

But making a game based off Raffles Hotel is too easy. I think making a game that tells a story of a place that used to be one of the best but is no longer around is much better. There were 2 other hotels besides Raffles Hotel in Singapore. I chose the Adelphi Hotel.

Here are some photographs from the National Archive of Singapore of the Adelphi Hotel:

Beautiful old world Victorian style architecture. Much like Raffles Hotel.

Sadly, the building that replaces it looks like this:

Utterly uninspiring. Disappointing.

Wouldn't it be awesome, if you could travel back in time and get a feel of how it is like to be part of the crew that manages the hotel? There's just something magical and fantastical about playing a game that is based of something from past history that no longer exist.

I wonder how long I will take to create such a game.