Thursday, 28 January 2016

How to quickly create an animation

Animations in games are super important. They make the games look more interesting and the characters in them come alive.

One of the simple ways I do to quickly create an animation is by referencing another already made animation. For example the game I'm currently working on right now requires a cat playing the piano.
I couldn't afford the time to create a super high quality animation from scratch so what I did is to get an animation like this:

and then extract individual frames from this animated gif to base off my drawings. The resulting animation is this:

This looping animation of the cat playing piano comprises of 12 frames in total.

I create all frame-by frame animation using Flash CS3.

I will post a video on youtube soon to give you a detailed look at how I did it.
Each frame of an animation do not need to be perfect. The overall effect of the animation that gives it a fluid motion is more important.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Why a french bakery game?

I've been wanting to create a game that has a story set in a European countryside for a long time now. That thought has been on my mind while I was creating Satay Club game. I remember playing the game done by THQ called Star Wars: Cantina back in 2010-2011. It was a simple game but what caught my attention was the artwork! I fell in love with the hand-painted style.

If you're thinking of trying out Star Wars Cantina game, sorry mate it's no longer available for download! THQ went under in 2013 and I think Disney pulled the game down from the stores. I still have the game on my iPad because I still enjoy playing it. I won't ever delete this game because once it's gone I can't get it anywhere else anymore! What a shame!

I'm sure most of you still have Kopi Tiam game installed on your devices and occasionally bust it out and play it again even after you have completed ALL the levels with 3 stars achievement; because somehow it still brings joy to you. I know that feeling! :)

So in any case that I am no longer in game development, I think I'll still put the game up at the stores, or make it available on my website or on this blog. But I think to be safe, if you still have it on your device make a backup of it on your computer. Just in case!

So anyway back to that hand-painted style. Yes, I wanted a hand-drawn style art for my french bakery game and I got the help of a Singaporean artist Lim HangKwong whom I got to know while I was at the various game conventions recently in 2015 promoting Satay Club game. He did most of the artwork for the Kancheong Game and I was really impressed. So expect a beautiful artwork for the home screen in the French bakery game!

I love bread. Good bread. Artisanal bread. Pastries, cakes, cookies and more. I love baked goods.
But I made some changes to my diet recently. I rarely eat bread nowadays and now if I do eat bread I will only consume breads that are made from rye, spelt, quinoa and other ancient grains. Breads made from wheat do not agree with my body. Oh and of course these breads must not contain any milk or eggs. Same goes with pastries. No animal products please!

You can find rye bread from Giant Supermarket. Or you can go to several artisanal bakery shops near your area. I came across a news article about European bread getting more popular in Singapore. I thought that was interesting.

Asians love soft white bread. Hard bread takes a bit of getting used to. I read a funny comment about rye bread describing the texture and taste: "A cross between cardboard and carpet". Hilarious.
Anyway, the same goes with rice. Asians love white rice. They are soft and turns to mush in your mouth without much effort. White rice turns sticky and gooey very easily in your gut too, but that's a topic in my other blog for another day.

Lack of updates and blogging more!

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!

I realized my last post was made last month. Will be sharing more insights with all of you from today onwards. I'm thinking of a weekly or even a daily post. So stick around!