Saturday, 30 May 2015

Asia's answer to Charlie Chaplin. Classic Films

Because my Satay Club game is based on life in 1948, so it will not be "right" if I missed out on Charlie Chaplin. Films were an important entertainment/propaganda tool back in the day. And it still is today actually. So when you have an iconic character like charlie chaplin coming out from the film studios in America and reached the shores of asian countries, you're bound to have local film characters inspired by that.

The most popular being Raj Kapoor. He fashioned his character based off Charlie Chaplin and his movies and songs were awesome for the people in India back then. Indian Bollywood films were also very popular in Singapore back then, and still is today perhaps.

When I watched this clip from the film Hujan Panas where you have P. Ramlee singing and dancing on stage, he totally reminded me of Charlie Chaplin. All 3 of these men are very inspiring. Their works live on till today.

Movie: Hujan Panas (1953)

Movie: Awaara (1952)

Friday, 29 May 2015

What's next after Satay Club Game?

I have several ideas in mind right now that I think is worth to explore and then create. I think it will be a worthwhile idea.

I've just thought about an art style that I'd like use. It won't be pixel art. I think. I'm not sure yet. Pixel art sure takes up a lot of time to do. But the kind of look in my next game needs to have that old rustic oriental charm. The 1960s era in Hong Kong. And again I draw inspiration from Wong Kar Wai's films like Days of being wild. There are many scenes in there that is beautifully captured on film.

Who knows,  my next few games might be an adventure type of game.

80's style cartoon in contemporary games

I just found out about megacom game's Power Drive 2000. Their video of a pre-alpha of their game is below.

Seeing this suddenly inspired me to create my next game to have an artwork that has the look and feel of an old 80's cartoon style. Much like M.A.S.K, Visionaries, Silverhawks and many more.

 I just might do it!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Finally done with the latest trailer for Satay Club Game!

Here is the official trailer for the Satay Club Game. It now features updated graphics that are much richer than what is shown in the first teaser trailer.
Launching in June 30/ July 1st 2015!