Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Youtube Live stream on my game development

I've started to live stream on youtube to show you the process of my game making.

Especially right now when I'm working on Mon Petit Croissant. 

So you can watch the stream here: 

Else you can also catch up on the live stream by viewing the archive here: 

Or you can subscribe to my channel to be notified if there is new video or whenever I'm going live on youtube.

Here is the latest update so far.

There is a new section in the game where you can check up on how many cotton candy and pretzels you have collected.

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I've decided to create a new character. He hasn't got a name yet, so if you do have some ideas do send me a mail to

Monday, 28 November 2016

Another update. Been a long time

I haven't been updating this blog for a long time becauseI mostly post on Instagram here:
and also on my facebook group page here:

So here is a whole backlog lot of pictures things that are coming to the part 2 of Mon Petit Croissant game

There will be new foods in the next update. It's going to be cheesy...

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Also, there will be an opportunity for players to upgrade the farmer's truck and cake delivery van.

There's also a new character! Barba Papa. He will offer players cotton candy. collect lots of them!

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There's going to be something interesting brewing...

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And another new character to pair with Barba Papa.

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