How to quickly create an animation

Animations in games are super important. They make the games look more interesting and the characters in them come alive.

One of the simple ways I do to quickly create an animation is by referencing another already made animation. For example the game I'm currently working on right now requires a cat playing the piano.
I couldn't afford the time to create a super high quality animation from scratch so what I did is to get an animation like this:

and then extract individual frames from this animated gif to base off my drawings. The resulting animation is this:

This looping animation of the cat playing piano comprises of 12 frames in total.

I create all frame-by frame animation using Flash CS3.

I will post a video on youtube soon to give you a detailed look at how I did it.
Each frame of an animation do not need to be perfect. The overall effect of the animation that gives it a fluid motion is more important.


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