Porting my games to Windows 8

I'm not sure, but i think people are starting to warm up towards Windows 8 tablets. I have my grouse with using Windows 8 laptop and if I didn't want to port my games over to Windows 8 I wouldn't even have thought of getting one. But I did and now I've got to dedicate part of my time to make this porting as smooth as possible.

Sony Vaio Fit 15e

I kind of realise that the reason that I'm complaining about Windows 8 is perhaps I'm so very used to the fuss-free nature of Mac OS X. But now that Windows 8.1 is out and I've used it quite a bit now, I find the tile features are quite good. The Mac is still my workhorse though and I rather not store too much files on to the PC for fear its going to be a tired old mule just like my previous windows XP machine from Compaq.


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