Anita the cabaret girl in Satay Club Game

In this post I will continue the discussion on meaningful games.

Like most time-management games such as Diner Dash, there is a storyline that players can follow through as they play. In Diner Dash you follow the trials and tribulations of the protagonist called Flo. I thought it would be a good idea if I make a fictional story for Satay Club game that is based on real life in Singapore in the 1940s and 50s.

One of the characters that comes up in Satay Club game is Anita. I used Anita to represent the popular night life scene in Singapore city at that time. A cabaret girl is basically a dance hostess where her job is to be a dance partner to many different men that came to the cabaret. This job is very much looked down upon by society at large. A step above the social ranking of a cabaret girl would be a nightclub singer. This is who Anita is in the game.

This picture is most likely of cabaret girls in Singapore in the 60s
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In the 1960 film Antara dua Darjat (Between Two Social Classes) directed by P. Ramlee, we see the hypocrisy of a man of royal blood (Tengku Karim) who married a cabaret girl and then has a daughter (Tengku Zaleha) whom he later on opposed to having a romantic relationship with a common man. The fact that Tengku Zaleha's mother was a cabaret girl was kept secret from her right until her step brother shouted at her mother in anger. From this scene modern viewers can know that being a cabaret girl is something of a social stigma.

Another scene from a romantic comedy film titled Masam Masam Manis also presents the social stigma at the time. In this scene, P. Ramlee acted as a school teacher who unknowingly married a cabaret singer who kept her profession as a secret from him. But he soon found out about it and went on a fake rage. In the scene he mentioned that he considers those who works in cabarets are low class, regardless they be dancers or singers.

In Satay Club game, there is a scene where we see Adi giving chase to Anita but he was too late.

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I showcased a pirate taxi here. Not many people know what a pirate taxi is. I think Uber is like a pirate taxi back in the old days. Private car owners who decide to use their cars as unlicensed taxis. You will know when a pirate taxi approaches, by the sound of their car horn. Usually pirate taxis will pick up other passengers along the way so if you're in one of these taxis most likely you'll be sharing your journey with strangers. The situation with pirate taxis then became prevalent and started to undercut the licensed taxis. Soon even the licensed taxis will pick up other passengers along their main journey. Because of this, most ladies do not ride in pirate taxis because they do not like the awkward situation where they might have to share that tiny car space with strange men. Ladies back then prefer riding in trishaws instead. (Side note: I also featured the Ford Prefect car in Satay Club Game. One of the popular cars back then in Singapore).

So now we see Anita leaving in a pirate taxi. If you were part of the uppity moral majority, what impression would you have if you happen to see a lady getting onto a pirate taxi at night?

Adi seems not to mind the fact that Anita works in a cabaret where morals where looser. Or it could be that he doesn't know what a cabaret is. I guess like most men, Adi was very much drawn to female beauty. Nothing else seems to matter. Much like Tengku Karim in that film Antara Dua Darjat. In this video we see his commoner wife retaliate and exposing his hypocrisy in order to protect her daughter Tengku Zaleha.

So when Adi wanted to date Anita, she refused him. Adi was persistent. Anita still kept her distance until one night when she had to explain to him clearly who she really is.

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Things took an unexpected turn from then on. I do not wish to spoil the story for players so get a copy of Satay Club game from the app stores to find out what happens next!

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