Happy Burger Days now available for iOS on the Apple Store!

It has been a long wait, and now it is finally available for iOS and for Android!
If you are using any Android devices or iPhone, iPod touch go ahead and download Happy Burger Days now!
The iPad version is being delayed in the hands of Apple reviewers now. I expect any problems to be resolved within a week. Hopefully.

Download the free version and recommend it to your family and friends!

Happy Burger Days everyone!

Watch the trailer video here:

Also, "Like" Happy Burger Days Facebook page for news and competitions and contests related to Happy Burger Days game!


  1. Hi. Its great to know of your new release! I've tried the game and met some bugs.

    1. Lemonade doesn't decrease when served.

    2. Combo tray doesn't allow me to 'create combo' despite having all the food ready.

    I love all of your games! Cant wait for more! Thank you for creating such wonderful games with good graphics :-)

    1. Hi Brenda! Nice to hear from you! Ok let me address those things you mentioned.
      The lemonade is actually made way. I decided not to make it refillable. My intention was to make the game a bit easier for beginner players.

      Regarding the combo, make sure you have any of these 4 fried items: hash brown, fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets on the tray first. Once you got that, you can then proceed to add the other items from the combo station.

      Thank you for playing! You can look out for more games coming up soon :D

  2. How do you make the combos? Fun game! Tia


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