Pixel art is like building things using Lego bricks!

I've only recently got myself into creating pixel art since a few months back and I'm loving the process. It only dawned on me that creating art and animation in pixels is much like creating something using lego! When you build something using lego, the end product has a certain charm to it.

Here's my latest work:
This is a screen capture of an animation I am currently doing for the upcoming Satay Club game.

Pixel art to me, feels more like pointilism. Much like how Georges Seurat did it in his paintings back in the days of impressionist paintings. Which brings me to this inspiring old man who discovered Microsoft Paint and he never stopped creating pixel art till his death in July this year. His name was Hal Lasko.
You can learn a little more about him and his work in this short inspiring video.

Regardless of whatever forms of art you are into, don't stop creating. Keep doing what you love and contribute to the beauty of this world.


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