In a bit of a cone-undrum

Cone-undrum haha... yes I intentionally spelled it that way because I wanted to tie in with my ice cream game.

I'm just putting out my thoughts on this page with regards to the difficulty I'm facing right now when it comes to promoting a healthy life style in a game that promotes the selling of dairy ice cream.

Initially I wanted players to have the ability to make good healthy eating habits for the ice cream uncle. Players will have several food choices to pick from to recommend him to eat in order to gain back his energy after a hard day of work selling ice cream.

And then I realize he sells dairy ice cream. GREAT.

There's this conflict that just will not resolve in my mind. A game that's all about treats that are cute and sweet but actually very unhealthy and yet I'm trying introduce the idea of healthy eating. No, I can't do it. This just won't work.


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