A game dedicated to the ice cream uncles and aunties in Singapore

The idea for this game came to me while I was about to wrap up Satay Club game development. I was thinking about a game that could probably dive into the lives of such individuals and learn more about their trade.

I had big ideas for this game. Unfortunately all those ideas fell flat and didn't really make the game fun. I also had to scrap a lot of the art design because it didn't really capture the happy mood of it all.

Interestingly while I was at the road show to promote the SG50 games at Orchard Road I took a picture of an Ice Cream man. 

He was hard at work and quite a lot of people are queueing to buy from him.

I didn't manage to get his name or talked to him. Fortunately I came across this New Paper article which interviewed him and he talked about his business and a bit about his life. Very interesting.

Selling ice cream on the streets is tough business nowadays. It's a "sunset industry" and only those aged 40+ and above are able to apply for licence from the government authorities to start this business.

My hope in creating this game is for people to appreciate what it is like selling ice cream on the streets. Also this game is a personal project for me to reminisce about my care-free childhood. I'm sure buying ice cream from these sellers was part of your childhood too.


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