Burger Game Development update

Production of this game is progressing very nicely. Though I think I am not able to meet the tentative release date that is supposed to be by end of February. Hopefully this game will be done by Mid March of 2014. The artwork is mostly complete. What is left is the game mechanics, logic and testing and character animations.

Take a look at the game trailer here!

The theme of this game is based on classic 1950s American diner experience. I try to capture the mood and feel of that era in this game. 1950s is long gone, but you can get quite a good glimpse of how the culture, thoughts, design of that time period from films.

Some films that I like are:

Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean

American Graffiti by George Lucas.

as well as a TV show called Happy Days.

There's just something about the past that is intriguing. Or the thought that your parents or grandparents were hip at that time.


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