The latest games coming up soon

I'm currently working on 2 games right. With the help of an awesome artist, I'm able to speed up game development dramatically. Here are some of the Promotional graphics for the 2 games.
There are plenty of burger games online as well as on the App Stores. But I'm determined to make this game an awesome one. Time management games are very fun and very addictive. This game doesn't have the game mechanics of diner dash where a "waitress" runs around serving food to guests. The fun bit about my game is that you get to cook food and serve, and then you must switch between the different kinds of food and plan and manage your time while different foods are cooking. Forgetting any food that's still cooking will most likely burn them and then you've just lost lead time. I'm thinking of holding another competition for this game like what I did for Kopi Tiam Game and Mooncake Shop Game. This time the prizes will be T-shirts that I designed. The nest game that I'm developing right now is a spin off frmo Mooncake Shop Game. There is a rabbit character in the game. This time around he will have his own game. It will be a simple game to play and it will be free.


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