Romance in Satay Club game

When I got a comment on instagram from a player who mentioned about the romance story inside my Satay Club game, it made me think a little bit more on this topic.

Yes, there is romance in it, but it is mostly story driven. Not player driven. You don't get to choose who you are romantically involved with. For the case of Adi in Satay Club game, he met Anita while busy working at his stall.

And then something happened that made Adi heart broken and confused and afraid.

And then as the story progresses, we find Adi able to mend his broken heart when he met the same lady who gave him some advice much earlier in the game. If you want to know the whole story of what happened, get a copy of the game and play!

Players however can't really decide for Adi whom he should be romantically be involved with in this game. But I think it would be interesting to create a game that is smart enough to let players decide their own romantic fate. I think the whole duration of a romantic relationship, from meeting someone to holding on to that relationship and maybe to the eventual end of that relationship for whatever reason is in itself sort of a game. This is something worth exploring.


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