The Adelphi Hotel Singapore

Now that I've got the mechanics for satay club done and the game's about to launch, I'm thinking of a game quite like it but not dealing with food. I thought about Raffles Hotel. That building is so old and is still around today. The rich history behind it, its walls have been privy to many conversations from past historical figures that have been there.

But making a game based off Raffles Hotel is too easy. I think making a game that tells a story of a place that used to be one of the best but is no longer around is much better. There were 2 other hotels besides Raffles Hotel in Singapore. I chose the Adelphi Hotel.

Here are some photographs from the National Archive of Singapore of the Adelphi Hotel:

Beautiful old world Victorian style architecture. Much like Raffles Hotel.

Sadly, the building that replaces it looks like this:

Utterly uninspiring. Disappointing.

Wouldn't it be awesome, if you could travel back in time and get a feel of how it is like to be part of the crew that manages the hotel? There's just something magical and fantastical about playing a game that is based of something from past history that no longer exist.

I wonder how long I will take to create such a game.


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