I finally made good use of my iPad

I rarely use my iPad except for the occasional testing of my games and also to read articles on Flipboard. The iPad to me seems like a great surface to draw something on but I never got around to use it as such. I've tried several drawing apps like autodesk's sketchbook and Fifty Three's Paper.

I thought they were good. But I quickly lost interest in them and I never returned to sketching on my iPad. Until now.

I decided to try using Adobe's Sketch and Illustrator Draw.

I was pleasantly surprised that the tools and navigation system within the app is minimal and very intuitive. The in-app tutorials were short and simple but yet enabled me to understand very quickly what the tools do. But the best thing about the app is that I could transfer to Adobe CC programs on my mac if I wanted to or just export a JPG file of it and send it to my mac and begin working right where I left off.

For my first try, I thought about detailing an artwork done by Lim HangKwong. So I imported a high resolution image of the bakery building into the app on my iPad.

I then began adding details to it using an inexpensive Monteverde touch screen stylus pen. I haven't had so much fun sketching in a very long time.

Adobe Sketch is a very good app to use. I highly recommend it. I'll post up a review of the Adobe Illustrator Draw in the next blog post.


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