I'm starting to enjoy painting on an iPad!

After I played around with the free iPad app from Adobe called sketch, I was hooked.
I wanted more features on this thing. I want to have the ability to have layers and also export to a layered PSD file. Sketch doesn't do that. Also, I don't want to use Adobe CC and I don't want to send my PSD files to an Adobe CC account.
So I went looking and after trying out several other iPad apps I found an app called Procreate that does what I want and a whole lot more. I bought the app after reading the list of features that it can do. I loved it. It really is an amazing software.

I'm not a very good sketch artist nor am I any good at painting. But here's a look at a successful attempt at painting! 

This was possible after watching several other artists painting their masterpieces on youtube. It was a great learning experience!

Here's a list of the things I used to make this possible.

iPad Air 2
Procreate app
A relatively inexpensive Monteverde stylus/pen (12 SGD)
Several youtube videos of time-lapse digital painting


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