Empathy in games

(This is a break from the posts on Satay Club Game)

I just had a thought about this today since I'm currently developing a new game at the moment.
I believe games can deliver a lot more in terms of emotional experiences. My games are mostly simple games. Simplistic when compared to hard core games. But I believe simple things can deliver the most significant impact to a person in a very direct way.

This game I am working currently has the potential to convey empathy in players; if I do it right that is. I have an idea in my mind right now that I think can bring a totally new perspective to players who are used to time-management games to think deeper and play to achieve a goal that they strongly believe in because of empathy.

I am still working out the details. Somehow I feel a lot of pressure right now for me to do this right.  The end product could go either way.


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