Pixel Art graphics update and what I have learnt so far

I am still very new at pixel art. Doing this made me have a lot of respect and admiration for those guys who create those artwork for the old video games of the 80s and  early 90s like legend of zelda, mario brothers and pac man. But those guys did it out of necessity because of the level of technology at that time.

After this game, I'm done with pixel art. But because of Satay Club game, I still have to dabble in it because the game needs updating once in a while.

I've just uploaded the first update to Satay Club onto Google Playstore. Hopefully players will get a notification to download this update. If you're reading this then send me a message on google hangout
to let me know what you think of the changes to some of the graphics.

Not all the graphics will be changed. Only those which I feel are crucial to the gameplay. By crucial I mean giving players that much better feel in terms of emotions when they see it hour after hour of play. As an example, here is what I mean.
As I created these graphics I learnt that for casual games, it is best that I make my graphics as clean and as cute as possible. The picture of a happy chicken smiling back at you gives you a better feeling as compared to an emotionless facial expression of the older version that I drew.

Here is a progression of some of the work I did over 2 days. Lesson learned: Cute and clean graphics are better for casual games.

Hmm...happy chickens and happy cows... the sad reality is, few of these animals are happy. The majority of them (billions of them) are not. But, that's the topic for another post.


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