This competition is only for INTERNAL GROUP. #satayclub #cc

**UPDATE 12 JULY 2015**
It seems like I missed out on another 4 entries that came in before the deadline but I did not receive any notification on it until today. So here are the TOP 3 entries and their scores!

1) Resly John: 5195, no. of tries 7
2) Suriya Kool 5020, no. of tries 20
3) Clementine Liew 4695, no. of tries 2

I will contact the 2nd and 3rd prize winners very soon!


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**UPDATE 11 July 2015**
We have a winner! Congratulations to John. Please send me a tweet or contact me on Google Hangout! Thank you everyone for playing!
Deadline: Friday 10 July 23:59 hours

*Top 3 Highest Scores for level 18 from unique players will be selected.

*If in the event that all 3 scores are similar, the next criteria to be the decision factor will be the No. of Tries attempted for level 18.

*Submit your entries as instructed earlier today to:

   1) my Google+ page +Afzainizam Zahari
   2) my twitter page @afzainizam
   3) tag me on instagram @afzainizamzahari

*remember to include #satayclub #CC in your entries.

1) Only one entry per "ticket".
2) You can ask your friends or family members to help you out.

*check back to this post for updates on this competition. Good luck everyone!

P.S. any questions please comment on this post or tweet me or send a message via Google Hangout.


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