Wahid Satay

It would not be right if I do not mention Wahid Satay in any of my posts about my game Satay Club.  Abdul Wahid bin Haji Ahmad or better known as Wahid Satay was a very famous comedian in Singapore and Malaysia. You can of course read more about him on this wikipedia page. He was actually the first person I remembered about when I was developing Satay Club game.

This is first appearance that made a real impact on the silver screen that paved his way to stardom.

Because of the game, I watched a whole lot of old Malay films to get a feel of that long gone era. I also had a hard time finding video clips of the old Alhambra Theatre but fortunately I happened to watched this very short segment in the 1958 film called "Satay" where Wahid Satay was with a boy named Satay driving down Singapore's Beach Road in a convertible. They then drove past the Alhambra Theatre. It wasn't a very good clip and the quality of the video was too dark and grainy.
The video clip that shows the Alhambra Theatre with the marquee lighting at night starts at the 36:12 minute mark.


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